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Tours are offered Fridays & Saturdays.
$35.00 per person. Tour is about 90 minutes long.

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....Private Deluxe Tour--you are guided thru 200 years of  both men and women's hats, hats from famous Hollywood movies, famous designers--an amazing collection of hats made from cork, horsehair, mushroom, feathers, silk, leather, intricate spun straw.

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"A favorite." --Frommer's Guide
"One of the top ten places to visit." --Willamette Week

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The Hat Museum
at the Ladd-Reingold House

In the early 1900's Mrs. Rebecca Reingold, a trained milliner from Russia, moved into the largest house on Ladd Avenue in Portland's newest development: Ladd's Addition. Nearly 100 years later the Reingold family still seems very much in evidence here along with their photographs and over 1000 hats.

Ladd's Addition was the first attempt at city planning on the west coast...and the design of William S. Ladd, early Portland mayor and banker, who platted the neighborhood in 1897. Built in 1910, the Ladd-Reingold House has its share of quirks: doors hung backwards, secret hiding place, pocket doors, a dumb waiter and the only furnace damper still attached to the library wall. A lifesized mermaid is painted on the coved ceiling in the dining room.

The last Reingold left the house over 60 years ago. Since then the property has had its share of strange times including complete abandonment for five years in the early 70's. Through a series of coincidences, a hat fancier (unaware of Mrs. Reingold's history with hats) bought the house which is now on the National Historic Registry. The unusual connections between the original homeowner and the current homeowner warranted a feature on HGTV's "If Walls Could Talk." Evidently these walls speak fluent hat.





Museum--vintage hats, men's hats, novelty hats and hundreds of retro "today" hats.  The rooms of this 1910 Craftsman-style home have become display venues for each of these collections. Hats range from the common (souvenir hats) to the rare (a London straw top hat) to the very funny (a Thanksgiving table hat that "sings"). Nurse's cap, Sherlock Holmes' deerstalker, elaborate Victorian creations, vintage Stetsons are all here in this dramatic cross section of favorite headgear. For the serious hat collector there are designer hats: Otto Lucas, Eric Javits, Kokin, Philip Treacy, Philip Somerville and Lilly Dache and Schiaparelli.

Preserving cultural heritage... and our volunteers have the most fun you can have with a hat on! We are a research and resource facility for theatrical productions, colleges & universities, and historical societies. We literally get research inquiries from around the world. 

History comes alive thru 1,000+ hats!

Extensive collection of the most characteristic styles of past eras--hats dating back to 1820! 7 minutes from downtown Portland. Hats from Hollywood movies, famous designer hats, novelty and military hats. One of Oregon's most unusual historic Edwardian houses, the Ladd-Reingold House, has a 100+ year old legacy of milliners and hat fanciers! Rare men's and women's hats.
CAUTION: Stairs and steps!



1. Antique and vintage hats
From 1820 to present day women's hats in a house that has a legacy of hat makers! Learn historical facts about hats, origins, lore and hats in language.

2. Men's hats
From a rare straw top hat to beaver felt cowboy hats, an unusual cross section of hats from the heads of men--includes military hats!

3. Novelty and costume hats
A giant tea cup, a salmon, a table, a parrot--yep, they're ALL hats! Hats that do "tricks"! Hats that fold, hats that sing, hats do more than hide rabbits!

4. Today's Fabulous Hats
Stunning tea hats, retro creations and what's new for today's hat fancier!



Member: American Association of Museums
Oregon Museums Association

The Hat Museum is located in the historic Ladd-Reingold House, listed on the National Historic Registry and featured on HGTV, Fox 12 "Good Day, Oregon", AM Northwest, Portland Monthly, NBC, CBS, the Oregonian, Willamette Week, Oregon Home and the National Enquirer.

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